Nursery schools and classes

What's a nursery school?
A nursery school is independent of any school for older children, although it may feed into a particular one. Because it's a separate school, it has its own staff (trained teachers, nursery nurses and classroom assistants).

What's a nursery class?
A nursery class is a preschool class attached to a school for older children. Its head teacher is the head of the entire school. It's staffed by trained teachers, nursery nurses and classroom assistants, who are also part of the main school. It will almost certainly offer an approved early years curriculum.

Ages covered
Nursery schools and classes cater for preschool children up to five years. Most take children from three, but some include younger children.


  • A nursery school or class will be registered and regularly inspected.
  • Your child will be taught by qualified teachers.
  • He'll have an appropriate and structured learning programme.
  • He'll be among children the same age.
  • He may have contact with older school-age children.
  • He may move directly to a linked school once he's old enough.
  • You may need additional childcare as most nursery schools and classes operate school hours.
  • The staff won't be able to care for your child if he's ill.
  • You may have to live within the catchment area for a particular school.
  • Ratios of children to carers are much higher than in most other settings.
Source: BBC
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