Preschool playgroups

Preschool groups cover a range of different types of provision for younger children - from small playgroups that operate one or two days a week, to day nurseries or nursery schools that operate five days a week.

What are preschools and playgroups?
They're run on a not-for-profit basis (so they're not state or private), most often by parent management committees. Normally, they charge fees, although these are kept to a minimum.


  • A preschool will be registered and inspected regularly.
  • It will be run by trained staff and may have a qualified teacher.
  • It will be community-based.
  • You don't have to leave your child if you don't want to.
  • Your child will be among children his own age.
  • It may offer full-time care.
  • You should be able to become involved yourself.
  • You may need additional childcare as most preschools operate three-hour sessions.
  • The premises may be used for other purposes, eg a church hall.
  • The staff won't be able to look after your child if he's ill.
Source: BBC
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